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The Joint Readiness Exercise is a 2 phase series (Basic and Advanced) that provides casualty care and tactical pistol skills to LEO/Military, Security and others. No prerequisites are needed, although a solid foundation in pistol handling and holster work is highly recommended for the shooting components. If unsure, please feel free to contact us with questions. The medical skills for this course are basic, a core of high yield interventions designed to create a solid foundation for the non-medically trained or provide concurrent training for those medically trained who also want to incorporate security and defensive shooting components into their existing medical skillset.

This course provides you access to a joint cadre from two of the best tactical subject matter expert companies in the state. The Odin Medical professionals will provide their one-of-a-kind high quality tactical casualty care instruction alongside the full time firearms instructors of OKC Tactical who will focus on security, tactical decision making, and close quarters defensive pistol skills.

This joint course offers instruction from an exceptional cross section of instructors with LEO, Army combat, and Special Operations experience, the best combination of knowledge, practical experience, and professional instruction you will find. The course goal is to provide a solid technical foundation and acclimate students to high stress environments to develop confidence in their ability to render effective patient care as well as win a gunfight.

Joint Readiness Exercise courses can be taken in any order, although we strongly suggest the phases be taken in order. This course is conducted in a small group format to maximize your interaction time with the cadre with no more than 12 students per class. We highly encourage you to bring what you wear for your everyday job, i.e. body armor, vest, pistol, holster, medical pouches. The goal is to have you train as close to possible as you will be equipped in a real situation. If you do not have the above equipment, please contact us prior to the course and we will assist with what we can. Lastly, all necessary medical training equipment will be provided by Odin Medical, however, all ammunition and firearms requirements are your responsibility.


Shooting Range Requirements:

Eye and Ear Protection (Prescription/Sunglasses suffice)

300 rounds of factory loaded ammunition per day

Your duty Pistol and Holster

Minimum of two magazines, and a place to put them

Your Duty Kit (Armor, Helmet, Duty Belt, as applicable)

Clothing appropriate for the training (Outdoor Range/Simulated Blood, you will get dirty)


Recommend you wear a hat



2hr shooting block, LIVE FIRE. Close-range engagements, creating space, disengaging, etc.

2hr B-Con course. TQ application and wound packing.

2hour shooting block, LIVE FIRE. Reloading in engagement. Shooting while moving. Communication in a fire fight

2hour med block. Basic airway maneuvers. Recognition of pneumothorax, and treatment. One- and two-man carrie

2hour shooting block, LIVE FIRE. Shooting form various odd positions, barriers, cars

2hour med block. Care under fire. Basics of triage. Remote care. Advance patient movement, improvised litters

4hr AIRSOFT SIM WITH PATIENTS IN SCENARIO BASED TRAINING. Multiple smallĀ group scenarios to produce training environment for fluid transition of both tactical and casualty skills. Various scenarios will be utilized to test full range of threat identification, elimination, single and multi-patient care.

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April 14, 2019 Basic, May 5, 2019 Basic, June 8, 2019 Basic (OKC), July 7, 2019 Basic


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