Odin Medical can fulfill your unit or agency needs with the following tactical medical and trauma classes. Odin Medical has the ability to travel to your location if needed. Contact us for quotes, questions or any special needs. Our classes are also approved for CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) hours for medical and mental health.

Bleeding Control

A 4 hour class, B-CON is focused on the basics of bleeding control for any skill level. 

Tactical Combat Casualty Care – MP

A 16 hour class, TCCC for Medical Providers is focused on military medical personnel.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care – AC

An 8 hour class, TCCC for All Combatants is focused for non medical military personnel.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care – Provider

A 16 hour class, TECC is focused towards civilian tactical medics and rescue task force.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care – LEO

An 8 hour class, TECC LEO is focused towards non medical first responders. 

Special Tactics and Operational Medic Program 

A 5 day 60 hour class, STOMP is a must have for any tactical medic providing care in austere environments.

K9 Care

An 8 hour class, K9 care is a must for dog handlers providing life saving care to your partner.

Austere, Rural and Tactical Ultrasound

Diagnostic and treatment US for the Austere, Rural and Tactical environment.

STOMP – Advanced Provider

3 day class for tactical medics with previous training looking to increase their knowledge and skill set to the next level.

Specific Needs 

Contact Odin Medical with what your agency specifically needs and we will design a class to your requirements.