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The Cadre at Odin Medical can tailor any class based on your agency’s needs or offer any of our classes to your agency. Click the button below to find out more information.

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Special Tactics and Operations Medic Program (STOMP) is a 5 day 60 hour tactical medic program designed for medics assigned to a specialty team that has an EMT or higher medical licensure. STOMP is an approved IBSC TP-C review Course.


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An Odin Medical series with instructional videos, reviews and our podcast.



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The instructors at Odin Medical offer what no one else can offer. All of our instructors have both military and civilian experience and currently work in the field. All of our instructors aren’t just teaching doctrine, they have lived it. 

Gary Thurmond


Chris Dent 

VP of Training 

Alf Zeilinger

VP of Operations

Carl Jackson PA-C

VP of R&D

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Odin Medical specializes in teaching lifesaving first aid to civilians, law enforcement, military, schools, or any organization that would like a class specialized for them. Odin Medical also sells the equipment necessary to administer these skills and can customize a medical kit based on your application needs. Contact us for any custom class or medical kit you need for your application. 

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